Monday, 31 August 2009

mini-reviews: UP and District 9

UP - Pixar a widower out to fullfill his promise to his leaves on a balloon powered road trip with over eagar cub scout. Along they pick up a series quirky and strange new friends and enemies.Funny and poignant - Its not hard to be touched by this movie. Featuring the voices of Ed Asner and Christopher Plummer. This film reminds me of a number of Pixar movies - the film shorts usually shown before the main feature and in a sense that is good.

District 9 - In the very near future, humanity's first contact is not so ETish but more from the pages of Schindler's List. South Africa has trouble with its immigrants and they are not from Earth. Join our protaganist as he undegoes changes and in the process receives an ephiphany. The film tells the tale using news and documentary clippings with the more familiar film shots. It has Aliens, Alien Technology; a multinationl Company symbolizing corporate greed and is actually called Multinational; moral issues; fight scenes; and conspiracy theories. All of these plus its creative way of telling things makes it more than likely another Science Fiction film classic.

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