Friday, 27 November 2009

Red Horse MuzikLaban's IndieFilm Challenge Awards Night

A slide presentation of Red horse MuzikLaban's Indie Film Challenge Awards Night. This particular presentation includes details about the event and the program.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Alec Guiness & Kind Hearts and Coronets

Alec Guiness has been one of my favorite actors since I met him in film as Obi Wan Kenobi in the film Star Wars. After that I rediscovered him in the film Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia. And in other roles from Adolph Hitler to an unlikely mastermind of a gold robbery in London.

Although I think in the film Kind Hearts and Coronets he played seven roles and one of them a woman. I first saw this film at the British Council in New Manila. They were actually playing the film in an air-conditioned room inside the centre.

This was a black comedy and needless to say the audience were laughinh through out the movie. It took several years after and a  trip half-way around the world to get an original copy of this film. Needless to say it was and is worth watching.

It would be hard to top this film. Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy tried and tries but nothing beats this si far.

<A HREF="">Kind Hearts and Coronets clip</A>

Julie & Julia

A few months ago I was able to watch the film Julie and Julia. The movie tells the tale of Julia Child and Julie . The first story tells the tale of a who started blogging about a challenge she set up for herself- to cook over 500 recipes from Julia Child’s book – XX, Each effort and enterprise to be posted on Julie’s blog, In between the triumph and defeat of Julie the film also tells the story of how cthe cookbook Julie is using came to be, In other words , It is also the story of Julia Childs,

The film is light and entertaining, Julia and Julie’s adventures are poignant with little or even ust a pinch of pathos, Just enough to ground one with the story without be ing overwhelmed. In short it is an enjoyable film.

But probably an additional treat for writers, food bloggers, bloggers and publishers is how two books were published – and its effect on the writers and bloggers.

And it is an eye-opener. Writing online and offline is something that requires consistent and haard work plus a little bit of luck.